"The Hero’s Journey: A Case for Innocence - A 70 Year Path from

Feeble-minded to Brilliance and a Shift of Mindset” : with

The Rainbow Players Theater Troupe directed by Ezzell Floranina is

an immersive theater presentation in front of the abandoned

Administration Building of Belchertown State School (BSS). 

Come, meet the actors as they inhabit the spirits of past residents

from BSS and from Fernald State School. Meet those who come in real

time to celebrate the demolition of these structures yet demand that all,

every single child and adult, be remembered and honored.


Take a trip into the past, through historical fiction- a mix of true stories

from archival materials, blended with present day individuals'

experiences living with labels. The Tour Guide, a prior resident of

BSS, takes the audience from scene to scene, telling stories as they

relate to the moment from the past re-visited. A News Anchor on the

scene gives live updates. The audience is invited to become involved

in the action and help to honor those who lived and died here; with art,

from the Tibetan tradition of prayer flags, honoring those they may

know and remember.


Combining storytelling, first person accounts and historical fiction, the actors
will tell the story of the ways that children were left to these institutions to
teach and raise, many spending entire lives within these walls.  Many people
lived and died in these institutions, never getting an opportunity to live in
homes free to move around and live a ‘normal’ life. Can the "mindset"
shift to see each person as worthy and brilliant?
Come Join us and be a part of the show!