Our Vision:

To develop creative partnerships with:

Individuals • Human Service Agencies • Artists • Therapists • Arts Organizations

to create inclusive programming and Arts opportunities for the enrichment and empowerment of individuals labeled as “developmentally disabled.”

ETTA International is dedicated through these partnerships to offer training in the arts to people of ALL abilities. We offer Inclusion in the Arts and cultural benefits for the entire community by honoring all voices.

In this vision, Artists of All Abilities are supported financially and recognized side by side with their peers at all levels of artistic engagement.

What we do and offer to the community and the world:

A new way of thinking of the terms “ability” and “disability” by transforming the labels so that ALL people are seen as diverse & infinitely various in all ways without value judgments.

Training in the process of examining existing systems of thinking that have led to bullying and discrimination in schools, the workplace, and community access.

Curricula and templates to design arts access in all publicly-offered programming: schools, workshops, museums, & other organizations that serve people who live with the label of “disability.”